Ministero dell’Ambiente

"Iconography of Italian Birds" is a valuable editorial product created for the Ministry of the Environment: including box, volume and illustrative tables, it is part of the series previously realized on the protection of flora and fauna of our territory.

The self-assembling casket is composed of an internal microwave core, externally and internally coated with printed and plasticized canvas white/grey cardboard; inside there is an alveolus in polystyrene covered with black cardboard with anti-scratch protective paint.

The volume is printed on uncoated paper and packaged with stitched paperback binding; the cover is printed in two colors and plasticized with canvas film.

The 56 iconographic tables are obtained from 157 original drawings by Umberto Catalano, printed with 6-color stochastic screen on white Canaletto Insize paper. An important phase of work for layout and colorimetry preceded printing to keep the industrial reproduction as faithful as possible to the artist's original.

Edition in 3,000 copies.

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