FG Green and Environment

The attention and interest for the environment, both inside the company and around us, have always been present in our business. We have made cohesive and accurate choices, carrying out specific research to guarantee technological updating and obtain satisfying results for our customers and employees.


People and Environment

Here are some of the solutions we chose for improving simultaneously the print quality, environmental impact and safety in the workplace:

  • Automation of potentially dangerous operations: mainly at risk manual operations are now managed automatically and planned by remote.
  • Reduction of the use of isopropyl alcohol, fundamental additive in the print process but irritating and toxic to humans: from an initial 25-30% we managed to reduce it to 3-5%.
  • Abolition of the traditional analog films: they required the use of liquids that are difficult to process due to their toxicity.
  • CTP (computer to plate) introduction:digital technology for the production of printing stencils that transfers text and images directly from the computer to the plate. It does not need developing baths, thus avoiding the production of liquid polluting waste and the related fumes in production environments.
  • Asbestos total annihilation from industrial shells.
  • FSC® Certification to be able to offer material from sources managed responsibly. FSC® certified products available on request.