Parkemo Italia srl

An articulated but very efficient structure to satisfy the customer's exhibition request: a central space and two side ladder fittings to show wooden planks.

The flat base is in 40 mm thick MDF, pantographed with n.6 slots, supported by PVC feet and embellished with a logo in one-color silk-screen printing.
The two inclined bases are always in 40 mm thick MDF and pantographed with n. 6 slots each, while the sides that close them and allow the exposure of the materials in the central space are 16 mm thick, pantographed with n. 6 slots each.
Flat base, inclined bases and sides are in white lacquered paint.
The back in 18 mm thick white melamine rimmed chipboard offers a space for communication in the upper part, below which you can attach transparent PVC pockets in A5 format for displaying information brochures.

The kit is supplied pre-assembled, delivered in box with kit and assembly instructions.

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