MDF Floor Displays

  • Monge


    The customer expresses the desire to create a series of MDF floor…

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  • My Family

    My Family

    The customer needs to have a slender centre-room display to exhibit articles…

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  • Bormioli Rocco

    Bormioli Rocco

    The customer asks to create a floor display with two different graphics…

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  • Franco Cosimo Panini Editore

    Franco Cosimo Panini Editore

    The customer's desire is to create a high-end MDF display, carefully finished…

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  • Taroni


    The customer shows the need to have a very versatile place that…

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  • Facco


    The desire advanced by the customer is to have available a resistant…

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  • Salumeria di Monte San Savino

    Salumeria di Monte San Savino

    The customer needs to launch a new food product that offers in…

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  • Wonderfood


    The customer expresses the need to create an important line of floor…

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  • Sisma


    A display that is well suited to exhibit a diversified range of…

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