Cardboard Floor Displays

  • Monge


    The customer needs an extremely performing display solution to support a total…

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  • Toschi Vignola

    Toschi Vignola

    The need expressed by the customer is to have a cardboard structure…

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  • Ellepi


    The customer needs a cardboard shelving to present the entire color range…

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  • Pawcare


    The customer needs to create a structure to place items of different…

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  • Eurovast


    The promotion of an innovative product necessarily implies an adequate presentation in-store;…

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  • Lisciani Giochi

    Lisciani Giochi

    The customer requires a versatile and efficient structure, which is well suited…

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  • Pet Village

    Pet Village

    The customer's requirement is to have a structure that guarantees an important…

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  • Dolcezze Savini

    Dolcezze Savini

    The customer's desire is to create a cardboard display that has wide…

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  • Delicius


    The customer wants to create a standing display that can travel containing…

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