Corrugated Cardboard

  • Terre Ducali

    Terre Ducali

    Elegant case composed of a single coated cardboard band and a tray made of Havana F wave cardboard coupled with…

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  • Antonelli


    Bottom and lid box in micro-wave cardboard suitable for containing an assortment of food products. The lid is self-assembling while,…

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  • Olitalia


    Casket in micro-wave cardboard to hold two bottles, thanks to the shaped internal alveolus that allows you to house them…

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  • Ascot


    Self-assembling cases in micro-wave cardboard: the casket opening and the dedicated alveolus allow to easily show the product in different…

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  • Morris Profumi

    Morris Profumi

    Excellent packaging available to agents to show and promote the product. Made of double, printed and plasticized microwave cardboard, it…

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  • Aggazzotti


    Bottom and lid packaging in micro-wave cardboard, graphed in shades with a natural flavor. The lid almost entirely covers the…

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  • Campagnola


    Self-assembling box in micro-wave cardboard with casket opening, printed and laminated. The internal alveolus is customized according to the products…

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  • Salumificio Squisito

    Salumificio Squisito

    Robust micro-wave cardboard box with handle to carry products of a certain weight, it becomes a functional sales support. The…

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  • Bormioli Rocco

    Bormioli Rocco

    Promotional cube in micro-wave cardboard: the graphics completely cover the surface, obtaining maximum effectiveness as visual communication and presentation of…

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